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 Ed Hollingsworth

Ed Hollingsworth

Ed Hollingsworth. Chief Warrant Officer Ed Hollingsworth a native of West Virginia, entered military service in January, 1959. He served as an enlisted medic with the US Army Air Defense Command (USARADCOM) with duty stations in Westport Connecticut, Thule Greenland, and Swedesboro New Jersey. After completion of Medical Equipment Repair schools, he served at Yuma Proving Ground, Yuma, Arizona; Sierra Ordnance Depot, Herlong, California; Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC; and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research’s, SEATO Medical Research Laboratory, Bangkok, Thailand. He was promoted to Warrant Officer while serving with the 71st Evacuation Hospital, Pleiku, Vietnam. He served as an Instructor Supervisor and Chief, X-Ray Training Branch at the US Army Medical Equipment and Optical School at Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, Denver, Colorado; Maintenance Officer at the Armed Forces Radiobiological Research Institute, Bethesda, Maryland; Medical Maintenance Officer, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and the US Army Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. He retired from active duty in 1980 as Chief, Maintenance Division, Fitzsimons Army Medical Center, Denver, Colorado. While on active duty Ed received several Army awards including the "Legion of Merit"

After military service Ed was Director of Training and then Western Region Service Manager for Philips Medical Systems then District Manager, Southern California, for Picker International. He retired from Carl Zeiss Surgical, Inc. in December, 2004 as Western Region Manager. Since retirement Ed has devoted his free time to volunteering with organizations such as SCORE, MOAA, and his home owners association. He remains active in the medical community as a consultant. His most recent assignment was to conduct a needs assessment survey of 95 government owned hospitals in Tanzania. While working in Tanzania is somewhat difficult, Ed considers it a minor inconvenience when taken into consideration the contribution to a nation in need.

Ed and his wife, Linda, reside in San Antonio, TX. He has two children and three grandchildren.

Ed lives by his motto, “there is no box, only self-imposed limitations”.

As a former Secretary. Vice President, Board of Directors member, and President of the Silver Caduceus Association of Officers, Inc., Ed remains active in the association.

Ed holds degrees in Applied Science and Technical Management from Regis University, Denver, Colorado.